Cutting Down On Air Conditioner Repair Bills

At the onset of spring when you pull your thermostat down instead of cranking it up after a gap of several months, the change in operation feels really great. Now your AC is going to be around for 24 hours till summer signs off. It is time to ready your equipment to endure the summer heat and provide you the ultimate comfort and efficiency. So what should you do to get the most out of your air conditioner without increasing your monthly energy costs? Here are some tips-

Frolic with different levels of temperature

As you turn you air conditioner set it at different temperature to decide which one makes you most comfortable. It will take a few days to pinpoint the perfect one. You can start by cranking it up a little higher. Then you gradually lower it down in small increments. As you do this, you will finally reach a level where you will find yourself optimally comfortable. Remember an important point here, that the higher you set your temperature the lesser it impacts your monthly power bills. You A/c will be running continuously for some months. Lower temperature can save commendable percentage of energy over the long haul.

Consider the humidity

If you are clenching your teeth at the thought of the amount you pay every month for running your AC, then stop doing so. There are ways to reduce it if not terminate it altogether. Never think of shutting it off. The air conditioner also dehumidifies the house. Higher level of humidity can cause

• Discomfort and fatigue
• Sleep problems
• Peeling paint and damaged wallpaper
• Water stains on ceilings or walls
• Condensation on surfaces and windows
• Unhealthy mold and mildew
• Insect infestation (termites and roaches love moisture)

Once you put off the air conditioner, you will be urged to put it on after a short while. And this time the humid air will make you set the temperature far lower. In central air conditioner dehumidifiers are fitted with unit. You can buy individual dehumidifiers for separate rooms but these do not last long and invite maintenance hassle.

Get it serviced

Always have an annual maintenance contract for your air conditioner. These contracts will send technician twice a year on average to tune up your AC. They will check all parts and clean them. They can also tell you if the ducts are leaking or the insulation of the house is in poor. All these factors are detrimental for your comfort level and can leap p your energy bills. Routine maintenance enables your AC to live its full life. Small faults that can compound and grow big will be detected and resolved. The process of preventive maintenance is way lower than proactive repairs. Preventive maintenance entitles you for emergency service. In the peak months when it is difficult to get a technician for repair, your contractor will come and take a look at your air conditioner on the same day that you called. Preventative maintenance is essential to let your system work efficiently and keep major AC repair at bay.

Always use celling fans in the house. This can reduce the temperature by 4 degrees approximately, reducing pressure on the air conditioner.




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