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Blog Title: What is absorption chiller?
What is absorption chiller?
Category: Commercial Heating And Cooling Post By: Mark Donalds (Illinois, KS), 08/07/2016

A solar absorption chiller uses a very interesting mechanism to produce cool air for the house. The essential difference between an absorption chiller and conventional air conditioner is that the former has a compressor which generates the difference in pressure and temperature that is require for cycle of evaporation and condensation that takes place in the AC. In absorption chiller the temperature of fluid is raised by transferring heat to it, which has been tapped by solar collectors from the sun. Here the compressor is replaced by an absorber, pump, and a generator. Then the liquid refrigerant boils due to heat transferred from relatively warm water to it. The absorber functions like the suction side of the compressor. Here the refrigerant enters and get mixed with the absorbent. The pump sends the mixture of absorbent and refrigerant to the generator at high pressure. The vaporized refrigerant at high pressure and temperature reaches the condenser from generator for cooling. The rest of the processes is same to that of an A/c.

- Joe Bradley (Plano, TX), 08/13/2016
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